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We’ve all done it: Googled something completely ridiculous.

I've found myself looking over my shoulder to make sure no-one is looking at the crazy questions I'm asking Google. The majority of my web searches are hilariously funny inquiries posed by my 4-year-old that I embarrassingly did not have the answers to.  I will admit, I went completely blank in response to her most recent musings, “can worms see?” and “how can planes fly?”    

A recent online inquiry for a research project also fell under this category for me.  I honestly didn't know what to expect upon typing in "how to get noticed."

The results were gems:  be well groomed, wear a bright, fun outfit, let loose when you laugh, and don’t let things get awkward.  Pretty obvious answers.  But, a great exercise (go figure) to spark some creative ideas.

I also realized that the list reinforced my approach to marketing:  “getting noticed” requires more than one strategy, as people will respond differently to what you put out there, and consistency if you want to make an impression beyond the initial introduction.

So... what makes me qualified to hand out advice on how to get your brand or product noticed?  Let me tell you a bit about my work...

Over the course of my 14-year-long marketing career, I have been involved in many aspects of marketing, from event promotion, to membership acquisition, to database management. I have helped motivate people to donate to good causes, increased traffic to websites, engaged audiences to participate in fun, unique experiences, and more. In a nutshell, here is what I can do for you:

     - Identify opportunities and niche markets
     - Develop an audience profile 
     - Research and benchmark the competition
     - Survey the branding for both the company and the product
     - Review key findings from previous campaigns that might inform current/future campaigns

     - Identify zero cost opportunities for promoting both the company & the product
     - Develop a well-rounded marketing plan to reach your target markets 
     - Set up metrics to measure success

     - Develop a full range of content for all promotional needs (from pithy ad or email copy, to comprehensive web copy, to  engaging social media copy)

     - Track campaign results & provide a summary report on key findings

So…What Makes Me Unique? 
I am a one-stop-shop! My background in roll-up-your-sleeves marketing has allowed me to be in a position to provide well-informed marketing advice, develop a marketing plan based on a strong strategy, and create content that will allow your product to sing.

Give me a shout if you’d like me to handle your full campaign, or if you just are looking for a consultant on a smaller scale. I look forward to hearing from you!